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Schools & Universities

Schools choose to work with ProRome because of our educational approach to every aspect of the trip. Our tour tour directors are trained educators, holding advanced degrees in the Liberal Arts and passionate about what they teach. Our trips are less of a typical tour and more of a genuine lesson in history and culture, albeit with the world as our textbook.

Our goal is to introduce the comprehensive and underlying legacy of Roman and Christian civilization to every student. There is no better place to do this than Rome, however every one of our tours tells the very same story. In the end, we aim to immerse the student in everything that came before, and acculturate them in the Christian and Roman principles of Western civilization.

Catholic & Christian Pilgrimages

To go on pilgrimage means to leave your old self behind and go on a spiritually renewing journey to the roots of the Faith. But what are the “roots of the Faith”? We define them as the very places and relics of Christianity – first and foremost, the Holy Land, and secondarily, anywhere that the Church – the Body of Christ – then witnessed to the Truth. After Jerusalem, Rome is the greatest of all pilgrimages, as it is the very heart of the Church founded by Jesus of Christ, and home to countless saints, martyrs, and holy shrines. From Rome, Christianity spread to the whole world, and anywhere you find man, you will find a trace of witness to Christ.

Our pilgrimages explore this incredible heritage, and more importantly seek to transform the pilgrim into a better Christian. Daily prayers and Mass, faith-based tour excursions and incredible experiences of local Christian culture are all integral parts of the whole, and make our pilgrimages both wholesome and unique.

Private Excursions & Cruises

Every trip we operate includes a good bit of leisure. A trip to Europe would be wasted otherwise. We do however offer a portfolio of trips that was specifically designed for groups that would like an experience of Europe that is filled to the brim with leisure and toppling over with cultural experiences. These include northern European river cruises, Mediterranean yacht and ship cruises, overland private motor-coach cruises and even luxury train trips and Alpine ski-cations.

You’ll find our trips to be extremely flexible. This is a hallmark of any high-end venture, and we’re proud to say that we prioritize it.

Vacations & Reunions

We love Europe. Our founder is an Italian-American, and our staff and contractors are European nationals that share a common love for the Old World. When we vacation, we vacation in Europe. When we relax, we relax in a colorful village overlooking the Mediterranean or in a cozy olive grove aside a medieval Tuscan city. We love to sail and love to ski. Most of all, we love to share these incredible things with our groups.

Our portfolio of trips titled “Vacations and Reunions” includes some of the most marvelous places and excisions that we’ve had the pleasure of experiencing since our inception in 2014. We look forward to building your vacation of a lifetime.

Our clients

A Few Groups We've Served

An Irish Pilgrimage

The Diocese of Arlington

On this trip we toured the most beautiful and sacred placed in Ireland, from  Croagh Patrick to Skellig Michael!

A HS Trip to Italy

O'Gorman and Roncalli HS, SD

Roncalli & O’Gorman high schools joined us on a trip through the most incredible and sacred places of Italy.

A Mediterranean Cruise

Young Life International

From Rome to Naples, Sicily to Malta, we sailed across the Mediterranean and visited the most spectacular sites of the ancient world. Swordfish on the sundeck, operas in Ancient Greek theaters and Caravaggio’s masterpieces were among the highlights!

A Central Europe Trip

The Diocese of Scranton

From St. Gallen in Switzerland to Fussen in Germany we first explored the early monastic settlements of Europe. We then traversed Central Europe, visiting Munich, Salzburg, Prague, Krakow and Warsaw.

All Girls Trip to Italy

Seton High School, MD

This all-girls trip featured two days at a villa outside of Venice, two days in a villa overlooking Florence and five days in the Eternal City. Canal rides, Michelangelo’s David and Sistine Chapel, and swimming in the Med were among the highlights.

All Boys Trip to Italy

Benedictine College Preparatory, VA

This trip featured Rome and Umbria. The Seven Churches (in one day!), white water rafting in Umbria and mountain climbing were among the highlights. We also attended a Papal Audience and rosary with the Pope!

Rome & the South

Fr Gismondi, FSSP

This winter pilgrimage featured Rome and southern Italy. First we visited the many churches and relics of Rome. We then made our way through the mountains to Padre Pio at San Giovanni Rotondo and St. Michael at Monte Sant’Angelo.

France, Spain & Portugal

The Diocese of Cheyenne

This incredible trip started in Toulouse, France and concluded in Lisbon, Portugal. Our Mercedes bus carried us the thousand miles, and along the way we visited Lourdes, Burgos, Santiago and Fatima, to name a few!