School trip to Italy

Rome & Assisi

June 8 – 18, 2022 / $3200.00

This incredible journey will immerse you in the greatest moments and monuments of Roman and Christian civilization. Prepare to explore the ancient world’s most magnificent city – Rome – and witness how it became even more magnificent as it was transformed by Christianity. This trip features one week in Rome, a three-day excursion to Assisi and a day-trip to the mountains and lakes outside of Rome.

This trip is open to Avalon School students and male family members and friends. Space is limited.

Trip Highlights

On this trip the boys of the Avalon school are going to see the greatest sites of the Roman and Christian world. They will also have the opportunity to mountain bike through medieval villages, swim in crater lakes, and climb ancient castles.

A Week in the Eternal City

Every morning we will depart our Vatican guesthouse and set out into Rome. We will explore Rome’s greatest sites, from the tunnels of crypts and catacombs to the enormous expanses of ancient amphitheaters and early Christian churches.

Three-Day Excursion to Assisi

The trip concludes in Assisi, where we will spend two days touring the medieval city and adventuring in the mountains above. he boys will have the unique opportunity to get to know one of history’s greatest saints and adventurers, St. Francis.

Mountain Biking & Swimming

The Castelli Romani – the mountainous area south of Rome – is characterized by its castles and lakes – Nemi and Albano. We’re going to bike through these mountains and swim in these incredible volcanogenic lakes (hoping that these volcanoes are dormant!)

Explore the Vatican and See the Pope!

Our hotel in Rome is located just next to the Vatican – we will walk through St. Peter’s Square nearly every morning. We’ll also have the chance to see the Pope,  attend Mass in St Peter’s Basilica and climb to the top of Michelangelo’s dome!

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The Itinerary

June 8 - 15


In Rome we are going to relive the greatest stories ever told. We’re going to experience the epic deeds of heroic men, and learn the even more glorious stories of saints and martyrs, who gave their lives for what they believed.

From Rome there shines a light, a light that – once small – now illumines the entire world. This light compelled a small village on the banks of the Tiber river to conquer the world, and this same light then converted the Roman world to Christ. In Rome – like nowhere else in the world – is God’s involvement in human affairs so clear. The ancients called it fate. We call it Divine Providence. We’re going to see it and experience it first hand!

Our Rome itinerary includes a Papal Audience, the Colosseum and Roman Forum, the Catacombs, the Four Major Basilicas, the Best Baroque Churches and Monuments of Rome, the Jesuit Churches, Rome’s Best Museums (the Vatican Museums, the Borghese Gallery and the Capitoline Museums) and so much more.

June 15 - 18


The program concludes in Assisi, where we will spend three days touring the medieval city and adventuring in the mountains above. Assisi is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Tucked into the side of a mountain overlooking a great plain below, the boys will have the unique opportunity to get to know one of history’s greatest saints and adventurers, St. Francis.

Many do not know the true story of St. Francis. In reality, St. Francis experienced terrible despair before his great conversion – and only recovered by clinging completely to God. His story is an incredible one, and his deeds following his mid-life conversion are absolutely epic. We’re going to relive his story – from his decadent youth to his pursuit of poverty, and from his hermitage in the mountains to his crusade to Egypt. Throughout our time in Assisi. St Francis will become a friend, a mentor – and hopefully – a model for our boys.

Day Trip from Rome

The Castelli Romani

After a few days in Rome we going to take the train out to the Castelli Romani for a full day of mountain biking, boating and swimming! The Castelli Romani offer some of Italy’s most incredible landscapes, complete with crater lakes (formed by volcanoes), mountains and rivers to explore. We’re going to see it all before returning to Rome after a pizza-dinner on Lake Albano.


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Meet the Team

Kevin Oriani
Trip Leader, Professor, The Avalon School
Arcangelo Sordilli
Owner of Sordilli Tours, ProRome's Bussing Contractor in Europe
Margaret Keppel
Tour Coordinator, Office Administrator, ProRome
Joe Long
Tour Director, Founder & Managing Director, ProRome
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Yes. We are fully insured with Travel Agents and Tour Operators Professional Liability Insurance through Zurich American Insurance Company . And yes, travel insurance can be purchased through ProRome Tours.

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Safety is our #1 priority. We alway stay together as a group. Our policy is 24/7 adult supervision. The only exception is campus, where our students can spend time together without adult supervision.

What do you do in the event of an emergency?

ProRome remains in close contact with the American embassy in Rome, who issues safety and security messages for Italy on their website found here: In the case of an emergency, we will first ensure that all of our students are safe and able to communicate immediately with their parents. We will then follow the instructions of the local Italian and American authorities and make an informed decision on how to proceed.

Our staff receives training before the program, which involves reading, understanding and committing to memory a forty-page crisis management plan. If you would like to see a copy of this plan please inquire.

Can you accommodate people with food allergies or specific dietary restrictions?

Absolutely. Vegetarian or vegan, gluten-free or celiac, we work only with restaurants and caterers who have ample options for you.

Trip Patron

St. Francis of Assisi is perhaps the most misrepresented man in history. On Roman Adventures we are going to introduce you to the true St. Francis – the soldier turned prisoner, the beggar turned vagabond, the pauper turned saint. This man’s imagination permitted him to see the world through a spiritual lens – to understand the reality that God is involved in all things, and our very salvation hinges on our response to each and every moment in our life. There is no greater adventurer than St. Francis, and no better hero to emulate.

“All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle.”

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