July 5 – 17, 2022 / $4490.00 (all-inclusive)

Bella Vita gives young women ages 14 – 18 the incredible opportunity to explore the beauty of Italy.  Although the focus is primarily on Rome and Florence, the girls will also visit Siena, Assisi, Castel Gandolfo and the Mediterranean Sea. They will have cooking classes, stay in beautiful villas, and witness incredible works of art. The daily program is full of incredible activities, and features daily seminars in Art History, Italian and Music, followed by a full day of touring through the most incredible art, monuments and churches of Roman and Christian civilization. All of this in order to introduce true beauty to the girls.

Fundamental to the program is formation and prayer. The girls will have the opportunity to attend Mass three times per week and venerate the relics of dozens of incredible saints and martyrs along the way.

The program is capped at thirty five participants, which includes five adult chaperones (female family members ages 21-60). We hope to see you in Italy!

Explore the Faith, History and Art of Italy

Bella Vita will immerse you in the magnificent beauty of the Catholic faith found throughout Italy. The program begins in Assisi, continues through the Tuscan cities of Siena and Florence, and concludes with a week in Rome.

Private Villa in Rome

Just one mile from the Vatican, our private and gated Rome campus sits atop the beautiful Janiculum Hill, a ritzy neighborhood that overlooks the Eternal City.

Villa above Florence

The view from Pensione Bencista is second to none. Family-owned and operated, you will experience true Old-World Italian charm in the hills above Florence.

Authentic Italian Food

All of the meals are included in the price and you’ll have the opportunity to try a wide variety of local and regional cuisine. You’ll even have a pasta making class!

Private Transportation

We’ll have our very own private motor coach to take us all over Italy. We will have to walk, however, as most Italian cities don’t have streets bug enough for buses!

Trip Preview

Program Details & Itinerary

Rome, Assisi, Siena, Florence, Castel Gandolfo & the Mediterranean

July 6 - 8

Assisi & Siena

Known as the Seraphic City for its angelic beauty, the Bella Vita girls will explore the timeless charm and beauty of Assisi for two days. We’ll go back in time to the 13th century, when St. Francis and St. Claire gave up their lives to follow Christ and proclaim the truth and beauty of the Faith. We’ll witness the Gothic masterpieces of Giotto and Cimabue, the great precursors of the Renaissance, and we’ll glimpse the actual beauty of a the medieval age which has so often been misrepresented as dark and unenlightened.

Following our time in Assisi we will depart for Siena, where we will explore the city of St. Catherine for an entire day. We will visit the most incredible Gothic museum in the world – the duomo (Cathedral of Siena), and we will venerate the relics and visit the home of St. Catherine.

Our home in Assisi is the beautiful Hotel Dei Priori, a historic fifteenth century palace originally belonging to the illustrious Cilleni family of Assisi. The original architecture is intact and hotel guests can even admire a Roman well dating back to the second century AD on their way to the breakfast room!

The hotel is located in the heart of medieval Assisi, just two minutes from the church of St. Claire, one minute from the main square, and ten minutes from the basilica of St. Francis!

July 8 - 10


There is no doubt that Florence’s incredibly beautiful natural surroundings inspired artists like Botticelli, Fra Angelico and later Michelangelo to create some of the finest art ever made. That’s why we chose a villa nestled among olive groves and overlooking Florence for our campus!

The girls will first learn the history behind the great cultural rebirth that took place here, and will then discover the art itself in Florence’s incredible museums (Academia, Uffizi, Boboli Gardens and Museums). They’ll experience the true and perennial beauty of the Italian countryside at our campus in the hills above Florence, where they can wander the beautiful grounds and olive groves.

Our campus in Florence is an incredible 14th century villa in the hills overlooking the city, Pensione Bencista! Few places in the world compare in beauty. Family operated, everything from the meals to the sauna below are serviced by one and the same team: a Tuscan family.

The artwork that fills Bencista’s halls takes us back in time. Pensione Bencista is isolated among vineyards and olive groves, a few kilometers above the busy Tuscan capital of Florence. A massive wall and wrought-iron gate protects it from the windy streets outside.

July 10 - 17

Rome - The Eternal City

Rome is the Eternal City. There is no place more beautiful and more important in the history of the world than Rome. As Catholic Christians, Rome’s eternal purpose of civilizing and saving the world through the work of Christ’s Church.

Bella Vita features one full week in Rome. During this week we will explore the history and places of Rome’s incredible three-thousand year history, highlighting the artistic and architectural treasures along the way. The itinerary includes a Papal Audience, the Colosseum and Roman Forum, the Catacombs, the Four Major Basilicas, the Best Baroque Churches and Monuments of Rome, the Jesuit Churches, Rome’s Best Museums (the Vatican Museums, the Borghese Gallery and the Capitoline Museums) and so much more.

Our campus in Rome is the magnificent Villa Magnolia, a private villa that atop the Janiculum Hill, a ritzy area of the city just one mile from the Vatican. This quiet and safe retreat is the perfect place to relax after a long day touring.

The villa is composed of three levels and features a grand refectory, an audience hall and a kitchen, a number of dorm rooms (with private bathrooms), a laundry facility, and a beautiful and private yard and terraced garden. The surrounding buildings are Vatican residences and embassies, and a large wall separates us from our neighbors. The entrance is guarded by a an enourmous gate and features security cameras.

Day Trips from Rome

Castel Gandolfo & The Mediterranean Sea

A summer trip to Rome would be incomplete without a trip to the water. Rome is sizzling hot during the summers, so we’ll take two days and do what the Italians do – escape to the lake and the ocean.

Our first day-trip from Rome is Castel Gandolfo, an incredible little town outside of Rome that sits nearly five hundred feet above the crater-lake Albano. Since ancient times emperors have come here to escape the Roman summer, and since the 16th century the popes continued to do the same. Her we will explore the town of Castel Gandolfo and then head down to the lake below, where the girls will have the chance to swim, relax, kayak or play volleyball.

Our second day trip from Rome is always a favorite – Santa Marinella. This beautiful little beach town features private beaches and crystal clear water. At Santa Marinella we will rent private beach chairs and enjoy a picnic on the beach. And for those who like to swim, the afternoon is yours! There will be an optional shuttle back to Rome for anyone who would prefer to tour a castle.


Pricing & Registration


Cost for an adult chaperone. Female family members ages 22-60 permitted.


Five spots available
Must be willing to work

Regular Price

All-inclusive. Fully refundable up until next April if you need to cancel!


Young women ages 14-19
Must be willing to share a room


Roundtrip airfare from Newark (EWR)


Includes carry-on, check bag and personal item.
Seat selection not included.

Meet the Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the payment schedule?

$200.00 Deposit – Due at Registration
$2145.00 – Due December 15, 2021
$2145.00 – Due March 15, 2022

What about Covid-19? What is your cancellation policy?

We plan on assessing the viability of the trip before the cancellation without full refund date sets in (79 days before departure, ie, April 20, 2021). If Europe is still not fully accessible at that time we will cancel the trip and everyone will receive a full refund. Below is our Cancellation Policy, which can also be found on our Terms and Conditions page here.

In the event of cancellation 79 days or more prior to the tour departure date, the land-portion of the tour is 100% refundable less a $100.00 administrative fee. Until further notice this $100.00 administrative fee will be converted into a credit to be used on any ProRome trip.

Airline tickets are 100% refundable up until 30 days prior to the tour departure date, less a $100.00 fee. After 30 days prior to departure airline tickets are 100% non-refundable.

What if the program cancels AFTER the no-refund date due to Covid-19 or something similar?

“What if the trip cancels after the no-refund date?” This is a very important question. There are a few scenarios to consider.

In the first scenario ProRome the trip is forced to cancel the trip after the no-refund date due to complications resulting from the current pandemic or a similar situation.  Understandably this is outside of everyone’s control. ProRome will do everything possible to secure full refunds for the group. If full refunds are not possible, ProRome will re-schedule the trip to a future date.

In the second scenario the client is forced to cancel his or her participation on the trip after the no-refund date due to personal complications resulting from the current pandemic or a similar situation. In this scenario travel insurance would be the only way to secure a full refund. Please review your travel insurance policy in-depth to make sure your reason is covered. For more information click here.

May I speak with parents who have sent their children to a ProRome Tours summer program?

Absolutely. We have a list of parent ambassadors who have offered to speak with anyone considering this opportunity.

Is there a group flight to Italy?

Bella Vita Summer Program offers a chaperoned group flight to and from Rome, Italy. The flight is from Newark (EWR). Please see above section for more details!

What if my daughter does not fly with the group?

Simply provide the arrival and departure information and Bella Vita staff will meet your daughter at arrivals in Rome, FCO and see her off at departures at Rome, FCO. NB – This service incurs an additional $120.00 fee.

For those flying separately the cost of the flight + the hotel at Newark on July 19 will be dedicated from the invoice total – this is $1000.00.

Are there scholarships or fundraising opportunities?

We do not offer any scholarships however we do provide a comprehensive 6-page “Fundraising Guide” for those who would like to raise funds for Bella Vita Summer Program. Many of our students have successfully fundraised their way to Rome. Please inquire.

Are you insured?

Yes. We are fully insured with Travel Agents and Tour Operators Professional Liability Insurance through Zurich American Insurance Company . And yes, travel insurance can be purchased through ProRome Tours.

Can you tell me a little bit about the Bella Vita's staff’s qualifications?

Each staff member is a dedicated Catholic with a Bachelor of Arts degree (minimum). Each staff member and chaperone is CPR and AED certified. Each staff member and chaperone has undergone background checks and is Virtus ® certified.

Will my daughter be safe at Bella Vita Summer Program?

At Bella Vita Summer Program, safety is our #1 priority. With a 1:5 staff to student ratio, our policy is 24/7 adult supervision. The only exception is campus, where our students can spend time together without adult supervision.

What do you do in the event of an emergency?

Bella Vita remains in close contact with the American embassy in Rome, who issues safety and security messages for Italy on their website found here: https://it.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/security-and-travel-information/. In the case of an emergency, we will first ensure that all of our students are safe and able to communicate immediately with their parents. We will then follow the instructions of the local Italian and American authorities and make an informed decision on how to proceed.

Our staff receives training before the program, which involves reading, understanding and committing to memory a forty-page crisis management plan. If you would like to see a copy of this plan please inquire.

Can you accommodate people with food allergies or specific dietary restrictions?

Absolutely. Vegetarian or vegan, gluten-free or celiac, we work only with restaurants and caterers who have ample options for you.

Program Patron

Our program patron is Catherine of Siena – saint, doctor of the Church and patron of Italy. This incredible woman, born in the 14th century during the Black Death, would become one of the most influential women of all time, solely because of faith in God that was rooted in her experience of true beauty. She knew that God loved her and pursued a beautiful life because of it. On Bella Vita we will visit her home, venerate her relics, and relive her stories.

“If you are what you should be, you will set the whole world ablaze.”