May 26, 2021

Why Pilgrimage?

by Joe Long, Founder & Managing Director

Going on pilgrimage is not a popular practice anymore. The word itself often conjures an image of large and confused tour groups, speeding through countries on a site-seeing spree of anything Catholic. Most people opt to visit Europe on their own terms, as the large tour group thing does not appeal to them. I do not blame most people, as pilgrimage operators are volume-driven and tend to value quantity over quality. In effect, they market pilgrimages but do not deliver. Therein lies the problem.

The very practice of pilgrimage became popular in the glorious Middle Ages because it was for the sinner – for every man. Pilgrimage was a way to reconnect again with God – to go on a journey that would put God first again. Leave home and find God. Many great saints trace their conversions to pilgrimage – think Francis of Assisi and Ignatius of Loyola.

I’d like to dive deeper. A pilgrimage should be an expedition into the immortalized deeds of Jesus Christ and His Saints, which is animated by the sacraments, filled with friendship and good cheer, and overflowing with incredible moments of joy and Divine inspiration. Group pilgrimages, such as the ones ProRome organize, must be led by leaders – dedicated Christians who know and wish nothing more than to zealously pass on the Faith. That is what I can promise – because that is the very reason I founded ProRome Tours in 2014. I started this company in order to tell the incredible story of Christianity in such a way that our pilgrims might be inspired and enflamed with zeal for the Truth. Boring and monotone are the antitheses of ProRome. On top of that, a pilgrimage should open eyes and expand horizons, revealing the true universality of our Faith and the beautiful reality that God is working to save man. Where there is Truth, there is God.

Our history and heritage is absolutely incredible, and it is both humbling and incredibly empowering at at the same time, the more you understand just how great it is.