How it Works

We combine book learning with the natural method in order to teach the basics of the Italian language, with an emphasis on speaking.


Experience the Real Italy

We'll teach you the basics of the most beautiful language in the world. That way you can fully experience the real Italy on your next trip.

Book Learning + Natural Method

We use ``Prego: Invitation to Italian`` as a launching pad. We then explore the language using the natural method: speaking, imagining, role playing and more!

Private, Small Group or Survival

We offer private classes or small groups of up to four persons. That way you can learn at your level, or bring along some friends or family to learn, too!
About our course

Designed for You

Classes run February 1st through May 1st. You choose how many classes you would like and the days and times that are best for you.

Due to Covid-19 our tour schedule is empty until June. We’ve decided to build a virtual learning program, and after a careful survey we found that an Italian language course was the most popular option. Our course aims to teach basic Italian in three months. What does that mean? It means that the next time you are in Italy you will be able to communicate on a basic level with everyone who comes your way – taxi driver, waiter or gelato server! Andiamo!

Classes & Pricing

We offer three types of classes: private, small group and survival condensed. You (or your group) has the option of 1-3 classes per week, each 55 minutes in duration.


One-on-one class, 1-3 classes per week, pay per class, no contract.

$35 / class

55 Minute Zoom Class
Available February 1 - May 1
1-3 Classes Per Week
Pay Per Class, No Contract
Includes Digital Materials

Small Group

Maximum four students, 1-3 classes per week, pay per class, no contract.

$60 / class

55 Minute Zoom Class
Available February 1 - May 1
Maximum Four Students
1-3 Classes Per Week
Pay Per Class, No Contract
Includes Digital Materials

Survival - Condensed

One-on-one survival class, 4 sessions, on your schedule.

$150 / total

55 Minute Zoom Class
Available February 1 - May 1
On Your Schedule
Pay Full Amount
Includes Digital Materials
Meet your Professore

& Start Learning Now

My name is Joe Long. I founded ProRome Tours in 2014. Italy has always been a part of my life, however it was in 2012 that I decided to make it my home. In that year I was formally granted Italian citizenship and I departed on a one-way flight for Rome. My plan? Not to return to the US until I was fluent in Italian. The whole story I'll tell you - in Italian - when we meet in class. All you need to know now is that I learned to speak Italian the real way - by living and working with Italians. Throughout our course I will teach you to speak Italian, just as I learned - by some study, lots of trial, and even more error. You will learn, as long as you stick with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find the answer to your question below, contact Joe Long at and he will be happy to help!

01How do I register? What is the process?

Simply click on the button that reads “Register Now.” You will then be asked to provide your basic information and your preferred days and times for class. We’ll then send you a proposed class schedule. Once you confirm we will issue an e-invoice for the the first lesson. Voila!

02Can you place me in a group?

Unfortunately, no. We ask all groups to organize themselves individually. We ask that you group yourself with other serious-minded persons who really intend to learn the language. This will help class to move along smoothly and successfully.

03How do payments work?

An e-invoice (payable by credit card) will be issued to the student before each class. If the payment is not made before the class then the class will be automatically cancelled.

04Can group class members be billed individually?

No. Each group will have a “group organizer” who will be billed before each class and is responsible for payments. He or she can then collect the amounts due from each group member accordingly.

05What if I decide that Italian isn't for me?

You might decide that you don’t enjoy Italian, or that your schedule is too full to fit it in. No problem – just let us know. Payments are made per class and therefore you will never be responsible for paying a class that you do not attend. If you are in a group be sure to speak with your group members about your decision!

06What book do you use?

We use Prego: An Invitation to Italian (8th Edition) by Graziana Lazzarino. We will share digital copies from this book before each lesson. Feel free to purchase the book ahead of time! Here is a link.