Sicily and Malta – November 2017

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In November of 2017 we will set out on a pilgrimage to some of the most beautiful and important places of the Mediterranean world. We’ll begin in Palermo, the capital of the autonomous region of Sicily, founded some 2700 years ago by the Phoenicians, the famous seafaring people of classical antiquity. Ten days later we’ll depart from Malta, the island-stronghold of the Mediterranean Sea, whose official state religion is still Roman Catholicism!

A little history: like the rest of Sicily, Palermo was subsequently dominated by a variety of peoples of uniquely different origins and cultures. The empires of Carthage, Rome and Byzantium ruled this island for over a millennium. Then in the 8th century, as Byzantine influence in the Mediterranean world waned, a new power left its mark on Sicily and Malta – the Arabs. Much of Sicily suffered under Islamic rule, until the Normans (men of Viking ancestry from Scandinavia) invaded and reconquered this once Roman land. Norman rule was followed by Germanic rule, until Sicily finally joined forces with Naples and formed the “Kingdom of Two Sicilies,” which remained autonomous from the rest of Italy until the unification of 1860.

Our pilgrimage will explore the rich culture, history, and architectural and artistic traditions of Sicily and Malta. Morning Mass will begin each day, opening our hearts and minds to the grace of God. At the end of each day we’ll then sit down together to enjoy the culinary delights of the Mediterranean. All hotels are rated 4 or 5 stars and your tours and transfers are privately guided.

Click Here for the Itinerary!

Departure from USA: November 6, 2017
Arrive in Palermo, Italy: November 7, 2017
End in Valletta, Malta: November 17, 2017
Return to USA: November 17, 2017


$2,995 USD — per person, land only — $3,845 USD — per person, air-inclusive

A non-refundable deposit of $495 per person is required at time of booking. Space is limited! Single occupancy rate available on request. Please contact ProRome Tours, LLC for details.


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