Tour Director, United Kingdom & Ireland

Chris Lyon is a Marine Corps veteran, a father of three, and a high school coach and teacher of Latin, Astronomy, Drama and History. A published author with advanced degrees in history, he has a particular fascination with Northwestern Europe in the Middle Ages. With a working knowledge of five living languages (and two dormant ones!) and a deep passion for history and his faith, Chris has traveled in England, France, Italy, the Middle East, and been a life-long pilgrim to Scotland and Ireland. From the breathtaking cliffs of County Clare to the heights of Ben Nevis, from the battlefield of Culloden to the crystal shops of Waterford, he has trekked across these magnificent countries by car, bus, train and a great deal on foot! His love for these countries, their people, history and culture is deep and abiding, and he delights in passing that love on to others as they journey with him across seas of both time and space, to the dazzling and complex lands of Brian Boru, St. Patrick, Michael Collins, William Wallace, MacBeth, and Sir Walter Scott.

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