Director of Tour Development

Mary Kate is the Director of Tour Development for ProRome Tours. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Christendom College, with a minor in Theology. Additionally, she is a Registered Nurse with experience working as a nurse in both a level one trauma hospital and a diocesan elementary school. Before working as a full-time nurse, Mary Kate served for 5 years as a FOCUS Missionary, stationed in Connecticut and Colorado. For the majority of her time with FOCUS, she worked in the International Missions Department, where she planned, led and coordinated mission trips and pilgrimages for college students all over the world. She has years of experience not just in traveling the globe but also in leading groups overseas, whether it be South America, Asia or Europe. She is passionate about facilitating experiences abroad where others are able to more deeply encounter Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the beauty of our Catholic faith, the healing power of the sacraments, and the incredible true stories of modern day saints.

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