Snuggler in Chief

Bonjour! My name Zelie, but you can call me Zelie Rabbit! I like taking off my daddy’s hat, kicking like a rabbit, and being extra snuggly. But – given I am so small – you may think “Oh, Zelie is so little she must not enjoy traveling”, but au contraire ma cheri. I’ve been to 10 states (and counting) and 2 countries already!! In October, I’ll celebrate my very 1st birthday (I’m getting a cake!). I’m OH SO excited to lead our trip to France and make a pilgrimage to Lisieux to see where my patron saint lived! And I know you must be surprised to hear that I am also equally fluent in French as I am English! Who knew (besides me) that baby babbling is the real vernacular?! Please expect me to chime in with my cooing on any and all conversations – bar none. You can also catch me consumed in snuggles, rigorously reading my crunchy felt books, and making mommy and daddy share what God has done in my life, through the intercession of St. Therese and her family, when we’re in Lisieux!

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