Benedictine College Prep Boys On Top of St. Peter's Basilica!
Benedictine College Preparatory On Top of St. Peter’s Basilica!

I would earnestly recommend ProRome Tours.  The staff is personal and professional.  Knowledgeable and confident, they make you feel comfortable and safe 5000 miles from home while experiencing the riches of the old world.  The ability to tailor a trip to the needs and requests of a dozen people at once is remarkable – priceless.  Do it.

-Fr. Thomas Longua, Pastor. Mater Dei Catholic Parish. Irving, TX. Reviewed May 2016.

When our family initially decided to take a trip to Italy we (like many others I suppose) were filled with two emotions. First of all, there was the thrill of “we’re finally going to do it!” but then there was the inevitable “how the heck are we going to pull this off?”. Well, ProRome Tours was the answer to all of our prayers.

As the point person for our family group of 9, I set out on a search to find a tour company that would not only show us around Italy as mere tourists but as pilgrims. As a Catholic I truly wanted my trip be a pilgrimage and an intimate encounter with the Eternal city. So, armed with these requirements, I approached 3 – 4 Catholic touring companies and none of them were able to accommodate our group’s needs. Each tour company flat out refused to take us as just a group of nine. They constantly pushed for us to join larger groups ranging anywhere from 30 -100 people! Now, having briefly visited Rome before, I saw these large groups being herded around the city, desperately trying to keep up with a guide waving a handkerchief on a rod. This was definitely not how I wanted to see the city. Then a friend recommended ProRome tours.

From the first point of contact, through the planning process, and all the way up to the post-trip follow up (to make sure we made it home alright), Joe Long, the owner/operator, was the consummate professional. As a dual citizen of both the United States and Italy, we were guided through the cities of Assisi, Pompeii, and Rome by a true Italian. He tenderly looked after the needs of all of our travelers, whose ages ranged from 1 – 70 years old and made sure that every day was evenly paced and engaging at all levels. Some companies did not allow children under the age of 3, so the fact that my wife and I could bring our child was very important to us. He was also extremely flexible (something that is absolutely necessary when traveling with a large family) and effortlessly made adjustments to our daily excursions on-the-fly over the course of our two-week trip. This service alone distinguished him from all of the other companies.

The accommodations ProRome Tours arranged were amazing. Joe had us situated in a picturesque villa which he personally stocked with local wine, cheeses, and meats on a daily basis. During our daily excursions, he took us to the places where the Romans ate and ushered us away from the “tourist traps”. His intimate knowledge of the city also made getting around an exciting adventure filled with the best Rome had to offer.

Finally, and most importantly, Joe took us on a trip that made us all closer to our Catholic roots. He had a limitless wealth of information about every holy site we visited and not only took the time to explain it to us but also gave us plenty of occasions to reflect, pray, and receive the sacraments while other groups rushed by us. While their eyes were focused on the almighty handkerchief, our guide enabled us to lift our eyes up to God and contemplate His glory in some of the most beautiful edifices known to mankind.

In conclusion, all I can say is that ProRome Tours changed all of our lives. We experienced a city filled with mankind’s efforts to contemplate the eternal, through art and architecture. We came back home as Romans. So as you prayerfully consider your travel arrangements to Rome, please consider my review and experience the Eternal City with ProRome Tours!

-Josh Blonski, Minnesota. Reviewed October 2016. 

Absolutely awesome trip of a lifetime! Joe Long of ProRome Tours is the reason (of course, God is the #1 reason!) He is a wonderful person who is well-versed in the faith, the art, the history, the culture, the language, the territory, the food . . . with lots of energy and flexibility to be present to the group as a friend taking friends on a tour! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Susan Cunningham, New York. Reviewed September 2016. 

Going to Rome was exciting, beautiful, and I couldn’t have been happier that I was able to enjoy such an outstanding pilgrimage. However, going through ProRome Tours was an experience that I felt like could not be mirrored by any other tour group. The staff’s detail and knowledge of history through each of the landmarks that we saw was unbelievable and very enlightening. Not only was ProRome Tours very helpful from this standpoint, but we often were able to get to see some things that many tour groups are not able to do so. Therefore, you had the tourist attractions as well as a strong blend of authenticity of the city. I could not have been more impressed with ProRome Tours through my entire 10 day pilgrimage. I highly recommend that if you plan on going to visit Rome that you do so through Pro Rome Tours so that you get a full effect of this wonderful city.

– Mr. Ryan Hall, Athletic Director, Benedictine College Preparatory. Richmond, VA. Reviewed August, 2016. 

If you are looking for an awe inspiring, educational and all around epic pilgrimage ProRome Tours is the company for you. Their enthusiasm from the start wiped away any doubt and trepidation of travel and replaced it with the eagerness and excitement to head to World Youth Day in Poland and on to Rome. Our guide Joseph Long’s passion for travel and adventure created an exceptional experience for each person in our group. He directed us with ease through the tremendous crowds, grueling treks and long days of both World Youth Day and the streets and fascinating attractions of Rome. This could be very challenging with a group of young teenagers, but Joseph was great at keeping attitudes positive and our purpose of pilgrimage in sight. I highly recommend ProRome Tours!

 – Ms. Paulina Robles, Los Angeles, California. Reviewed September, 2016. 

Dear ProRome Tours,
Rome has so much to offer, and without you I’m sure we would not have gotten the full experience. It was also great having a guide who communicated with the locals so well – making everything so easy. After coming back to the United States, my desire to return to Rome has only increased. If I return I will definitely choose ProRome Tours again. Absolutely unrivaled quality. Thanks for everything.

-Greg Zuranski, Gregory the Great Academy. Canadensis, PA. Reviewed June 2016. 

James Meier, accompanying ProRome photographer!
James Meier, ProRome photographer!

After going on tour in late May, I can’t imagine going to see the city of Rome without ProRome tours. After spending 10 days with Joe Long, it was remarkable how much I learned that I imagine not a single other tourist knew. There is certainly no way that anyone else in the city was getting as much of an in depth experience as my tour group was. Our impeccable tour guide could spit off dates, names, and events without batting an eye, and there was not a single monument that Joe did not know the significance of. I truly feel sorry for anyone who has been to Rome without these guys. There is no doubt in my mind that anybody who is interested in a tour of the Holy City should immediately contact Joe and his crew. With them at your side, you won’t just get to see Rome, you will get to experience it.

-Ethan Gleberman, Benedictine College Preparatory. Richmond, VA. Reviewed July 2016.

I truly thank Joseph for all he did to make this trip so very special. The pilgrimage with ProRome Tours was fantastic!  Joseph spoke to us of the region’s history from a Catholic perspective.  The agenda was focused, and maximized our time with the most inspirational churches, sights, relics and miracles.  The trip was a blessing I shall always treasure.

-Mary Medina. Mater Dei Parish. Plano, TX. Reviewed May 2016.

Our trip to Rome, led by Joseph Long, was a very blessed and joyful experience. Truly the trip of a lifetime, Joseph took care of every detail so that all we had to do was enjoy the experience of being in the Eternal City. His knowledge of the language and the culture of Italy, as well as of the history of the Catholic Church made the places we visited more meaningful and spiritually fruitful.  His love for Holy Mother Church was evident, as was his love for the Italian culture.  We were very thankful for his guidance, because we wouldn’t have known where to start or when to end.  He watched the clock so we didn’t have to so as to make sure we got to venerate many sacred places and relics. We really appreciated that he took us to many of the common pilgrimage destinations, but also to many that are less well known.

St. Peter's Basilica!

One of the highlights of the trip happened on the 2nd day we were there – Wednesday – the day of the General Audience with Pope Francis. Joseph got to the General Audience early, ensuring us a place along the barricades where we could see the Holy Father as he drove through the crowds in the Jeep. As he drove around the bend toward us, I held our 10 month old son, Paul Francis, out toward him.  The security guard looked straight at me and came to take him to Pope Francis.  The Pope then blessed and kissed our son.  We felt the love of God and the authority He has entrusted to His vicar sweep over us. It was just a tremendous grace-filled moment. It wouldn’t have happened without Joe!

Pope Francis Kisses Paul, the Baby-Member of ProRome!
Pope Francis kisses Paul of Mater Dei Parish!

We loved the places he chose for our weekend trip – San Giovanni Rotundo, Cascia, Lanciano, Norcia, Assisi, and especially Il Santuario di San Michele Archangelo (Mount Saint Michaels), a place off the beaten path that is a special place for pilgrims and a very beautiful, but simple town. It is a great place for retreat and spiritual growth.  It was there in the little town that we had another beautiful experience – a meeting with two sweet nuns from Rome – Sister Aurea and Sister Irmengarde. Our immediate connection with them was a testament to the universality of the Church.  Though we really couldn’t speak each other’s languages, we were able to understand one another and our mutual love for God and the Catholic Church. During our attempt to communicate with them, I laughed and smiled so much my face hurt afterward.  What a blessing! Joseph met up with us later and helped translate.  It was only about an hour, but the meeting provided us with memories that will last our whole life.

Baby from ProRome group, Mater Dei Parish, gets kissed by the Pope!

Our brief time in Norcia was another highlight of our trip I would like to mention.  It did not seem like a well-known tourist destination, so it was more peaceful and spiritual than some of the other places.  It felt like we stepped back in time 1000 years into a medieval city complete with Benedictine monks chanting vespers.  Attending Mass at St. Benedict’s childhood home, praying at the beautiful church, and experiencing a small piece of life in an Italian countryside village were incredible. I highly recommend this to anyone who is tired of the hustle and bustle of the city!

During our “salad of languages” conversation, Sister Irmengarde reminded us that with God nothing happens by chance. We believe that God led us on this trip to become more deeply aware of our communion with the Saints, to appreciate more the importance of sacred art and architecture, and to fall more deeply in love with our Lord Jesus Christ present in all the Catholic churches of Rome, Italy, and the world.   Thank you so much, Joe, for making it all happen.  We hope to go to Rome with you again someday!

-The Barker Family. Dallas, Texas. Reviewed July 2016.

Joseph Long at ProRome Tours was a most excellent guide for my stay in Rome. He was very knowledgeable about the history, culture, and art of the Eternal City. Joseph was highly professional in navigating the streets and making reservations, as well as getting to all the point of interest by the best possible way. Thank you, Joseph, for making my stay in Rome one of the most memorable experience of my life!

-Jake Dalimata. Gregory the Great Academy. Canadensis, PA. Reviewed June 2016.

ProRome Tour, Gregory the Great Academy, performs in Rome, Italy
ProRome Tour, Gregory the Great Academy, performs in Rome, Italy

Joe is not only knowledgeable and engaging a a tour guide, but also a very enjoyable person to spend time with. The knowledge that he shares brings life and perspective to the treasures of Rome.

-Ben Strong. Gregory the Great Academy. Canadensis, PA. Reviewed June 2016.

Benedictine College Preparatory on tour at the Pantheon!
Benedictine College Preparatory on tour at the Pantheon!

We could not have asked for a better experience for our son RT. The trip to Rome could not have come at a better time for him. . . and two weeks after he was confirmed.

RT loved every minute of the trip from St Peter’s Basilica, the 7 church pilgrimage, Assisi, the weekend w/ the Benedictine monks and mass with Pope Francis. This was a more exclusive pilgrimage than the typical tour of Rome, which made the experience even more special.

RT was truly touched by the trip and we are so thankful he had the opportunity.

-Parents of RT Whitmer. Benedictine College Preparatory. Richmond, VA. Reviewed June 2016.

Benedictine College Preparatory boys on tour in Assisi!
Benedictine College Preparatory boys on tour in Assisi!

I liked our pilgrimage to Rome. The tour was well structured and coordinated. It allowed us to see all the sites from a non-tourist perspective. I really enjoyed going to all the churches, basilicas (especially the Basilica of St. Lawrence), and the Vatican Museums (especially the Gallery of Maps). I feel that this pilgrimage offered once-in-a-lifetime experiences, from seeing the Pope up close and meeting Cardinal Pell, to participating in a rosary procession in the Vatican Gardens. I definitely enjoyed getting out of the big city of Rome and visiting Norcia. It was a pleasure seeing “real Italy” and working in the kitchen with the monks. Looking back on the trip I realize that there is nothing, to my knowledge, that ProRome Tours needs to improve. If I had a chance to return to Italy with ProRome Tours, I would.

-Gabriel Romito. Benedictine College Preparatory. Richmond, VA. Reviewed June 2016.

Mater Dei Parish in the Colosseum!
Mater Dei Parish in the Colosseum!

The pilgrimage to Italy was incredible! We got to see and do so many things but I loved that there was time built into the schedule so that we could spend time in prayer at each of the sacred places we visited. I loved that our pastor was able to go with us and celebrate Mass for us daily and hear confessions as needed.

What I think really set this pilgrimage apart from others was our tour guide, Joseph Long. He was so knowledgeable about every place we went to and taught us so many things. His love for God and the Catholic Church was always in the forefront of everything we did. His ability to speak the language and his knowledge of the city allowed us privileges that we otherwise would not have experienced. I don’t know how he did it but we never waited in line for anything. Every restaurant we went into knew we were coming and had a table ready. He went out of his way to make sure each of our needs were met. It was a real joy having him for our tour guide!

-Kelly Lautzhenheiser. Coppell, TX. Reviewed May 2016.

St. Barbara Catholic Church on top of a castle in southern Italy!
St. Barbara Catholic Church on top of a castle in southern Italy!

What an amazing trip we had as we took our pilgrimage to Rome! Our tour guide, Joseph, was so very knowledgeable of both the city, and the sacred churches we visited. As we visited each site, Joseph gave us the history of each location as well as the background of saints and popes that were associated with the churches. There is so much to see, and yet the time we spent was all woven in with the opportunity for prayer and silence to reflect upon our faith and give thanksgiving to our Lord for our many blessings. The itinerary was full, the trip very engaging and personal.

-Mrs. Paula Morrow. Irving, TX. Reviewed May 2016.

Joe, Founder of ProRome!
Joe, Founder of ProRome!

Dear Joe: my pilgrimage to Rome was so totally awesome, fulfilling, exciting, memorable, I cannot thank you enough.  Everything was planned so carefully and thoroughly, yet I never felt like a robot. The tour of ancient Rome was so thrilling, adventurous and exhausting.  I had a fantastic blessed pilgrimage and due to your knowledge of Rome, I feel that I could not have missed anything of importance.  It will take me months just to tell my stories to my family and friends.  Our road trip through Italy was also very very rewarding and thoroughly enjoyed!

-Mrs. Angela Heiter. Irving, TX. Reviewed May 2016.

I think the overall highlight for me was venerating the saints and seeing the Eucharistic miracles.  The exquisite and edifying art treasures that I got to see in the ancient churches, the tour of the catacombs and the visit to the Adriatic Sea would also be at the very top of my list.

The great food, wine and treats were well worth the cost of the trip alone! I was delighted to have spent time with you and your knowledge of Rome and Italy is incredible.  It was a treasure for me to have joined with you and my fellow pilgrims!

The Trevi Fountain!
The Trevi Fountain!

I thoroughly enjoyed my ten-day trip to Rome and surrounding countryside. ProRome Tours provided efficient travel arrangements, knowledgeable and helpful guides, comfortable and conveniently located accommodation, excellent meals, and a well planned itinerary which took us to a wide selection of historic and beautiful places of interest both in Rome and in the surrounding region. All this at a very reasonable price. As a Catholic, I particularly appreciated the joyful reverence and vibrancy with which my Church’s history, so inseparable from Rome, was shared and celebrated. This was a fine first taste of Italy and a trip I am glad to recommend.

-Mrs. Josephine Rodriguez. St. Barbara’s Catholic Church. Wyoming, USA.  Reviewed May 2016.

Dear Joe,
I can’t thank you enough for your tours through Rome. With your deep knowledge and engaging personality you made learning about the Eternal City fun and easy. After leaving Italy with the experience of your tours, all I want to do is go back! And if I do return, I will most definitely choose ProRome Tours to guide me through the rich history of Rome.
Grazie mille!
-Tom Audino. Gregory the Great Academy, Canadensis, PA. Reviewed June, 2016. 

Dear ProRome Tours: I am amazed at how much your guide Kiron helped me to see.  I would not have and did not understand what I was looking at on my own.  The guide books do not go into the details and perspectives that Kiron did.  Kiron took into consideration my physical limitations and adjusted as we went along.  She helped with making sure I was able to use some handicap conveniences and avoid some lines.  My trip to Rome is the most memorable trip I have ever taken.  Kiron explained before certain parts of some tours what I should be looking for which I felt was so beneficial.  I was able to understand so much more and really see and remember what I was looking at.  I feel like I left a friend, Kiron, in Rome.


Thank you for a truly remarkable and memorable experience.

-Mrs. Johanna Sprenkel, Kentucky, USA. Reviewed December 2015.

ProRomeTours is a highly professional organization with great communication and follow up.  We used two of their tour guides recently in Italy and found both to be very knowledgeable, easy to understand because they spoke perfect English (an issue we’ve had with other tours) and very accommodating & flexible regarding our needs.  We wanted a spiritual touch to our tours and both tour guides provided that and more.
Joseph responded in a timely manner to all my tedious questions and the restaurants he recommended were wonderful and seemed to be places locals go, rather than tourists. I highly recommend ProRome Tours and would contact them immediately if we plan another trip to Italy!
-Mrs. Domini Tarman, San Francisco, CA, USA. Reviewed December 2015.

Amalfi Coast

Arriving in Saint Peter’s square after our walking pilgrimage along the Way of Saint Francis that began in Florence almost one month earlier, tired but jubilant we were met by our consummate tour guide Joseph Long. During the next five days Joseph and his team of guides gave us the most magnificent pilgrimage through the countless wonders of the Eternal City that anyone could hope or ask for. Joseph’s love for and knowledge of the eternal city is inspiring and wonderful to behold. He moves about the city with the confidence of a native and is able to bring the city to life with his eloquent presentation of its pagan and Christian history. We are so grateful for this incomparable experience. I can think of no better way to tour Rome.

-Mr. Luke Culley, Dean, Gregory the Great Academy, Canadensis, PA, USA. Reviewed July 2015.

Rome is the Eternal City: its history, the spiritual and cultural treasures are inexhaustible, to say nothing of its immense size and culinary delights. Indispensable to an understanding; nay, even the mere navigation in this city requires an experienced guide. Joseph Long of ProRome Tours has shown to possess the personal experience, connections and the appreciation of the spiritual and cultural dimensions to make your pilgrimage truly an edifying experience of Faith and the legacy of Catholicism to the world.

-Fr. Christopher Manuele, Pastor, St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, Rochester, New York, USA. Reviewed July 2015.