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Whether it is a pilgrimage to Rome, the Holy Land or the Camino, a school trip to Greece or Rome, or an exclusive experience such as a donor cruise on the Mediterranean, you can rely on us to plan, book and operate your tour to perfection.

As a custom tour operator, we design tours that reflect the many different requirements of each group. Are you a Catholic parish looking to arrange a pilgrimage for the first time, or are you a Diocese with lots of experience traveling? Perhaps you’re a school on a tighter budget, or a University group looking to supplement your core curriculum? Or are you looking for an exclusive and custom experience for your donors or VIP guests? We’ve worked with countless groups and always provide consistent, high-level service that seeks to provide the absolute best.

Fill out our form below in order to start planning today. There is no commitment on your part, other than you permitting us to send over a proposal based on your request.

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The amount of work that goes into planning a tour is immense. We do it all, absolutely free of charge. Then, of course, we operate the trip.

Itinerary Planning and Proposal
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Fill out our form and we’ll be in touch with a custom proposal based on your group. We’ll then customize the proposal as you like. This is done free of charge.


Once an itinerary has been selected and customized to your liking, we’ll develop a bespoke trip webpage and brochure for you to use in promotion. Our team will handle all registrations, payments, trip informational meetings and more.  This is also provided free of charge.


When the time comes, we’ll operate your tour. Full-service is our pledge, and you can expect absolutely every aspect of your tour to be planned and operated to perfection.

Top Destinations


Whether you'd like to visit Rome and Assisi or prefer a more extensive pilgrimage through Italy, we do it all.

The Holy Land

The greatest pilgrimage in the world is surely that which follows in the very footsteps of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Camino

We've operated a variety of different Camino pilgrimages, coming from both Spain and Portugal to the burial place of Saint James!


From Paris to Lourdes and beyond, France - Eldest Daughter of the Church - is one of our favorite pilgrimage destinations.

The British Isles

We've operated a variety of pilgrimages through the greatest Catholic sites of England, Ireland and Scotland.


Closer to home, Mexico makes for an incredible pilgrimage and is full of sacred and beautiful sites.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find answers to the most commonly asked questions.

01How many persons constitute a group?


Typically we require a minimum of 25 persons. We can accommodate smaller groups on a case by case basis.

As far as a maximum, we normally suggest not going over 45 persons, as our buses can hold 52 persons. More than 50 will require two buses, and the dynamic of the trip will change. We have operated trips with as many as 180 persons, so while not suggested, nothing is impossible.

02Are there free spots built into the trip?


We always build in one free spot for the trip chaplain or the leader. We can build in additional free or discounted spots, as requested by the organizing party.

03How far in advance should we plan?

At least six months is best.

We prefer to plan trips at least 6 months in advance, however 10-12 months is best. This allows us to secure the best rates and space in the best hotels. It also allows your group members time to make the commitment.

04Do you have a list of tours that we can choose from?

Yes and no.

Every trip that we plan is custom. That means that no two tours are the same, unless of course a certain group requests a tour that is identical to one that we have already operated. Based on your responses on our Inquiry Form, we will propose an itinerary that fits your group. The itinerary can then be edited to your liking.

05What countries do you visit?


Italy is our most popular destination, with the Holy Land coming in a close second. The Camino de Santiago is one of our other popular pilgrimages. We also regularly plan and operate tours through France, Spain, Portugal, England, Ireland, Scotland, Greece and Germany. In addition, we’ve planned and operated tours through Hungary, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia and Mexico.

06What do you typically include in the cost?

Nearly everything.

We will include airfare, all hotels, most meals, a private bus throughout the tour, all tours and tour fees and a ProRome tour manager throughout the course of your trip.

0707 Why should we work with ProRome?

We put you first in everything.

Customer service is at the heart of what we do. When you plan with us we will effectively be acting as your back-office travel agency, acting for you and working to provide nothing short of the best. Your group members will experience a travel company – both in planning and preparation – that is professional, detail-oriented and respectful. Last but not least, it is our pledge that your tour with us will leave a positive and lasting impression for years to come. We look forward to working for you.