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We hope that you enjoy exploring Rome’s greatest sites with our founder and chief guide, Joe Long.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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01Who is the guide?

Our Founder, Joe Long
The tour guide is Joe Long, the founder and chief guide of ProRome Tours, LLC. Since 2014 Joe has led thousands of tours throughout Rome. He is an Italian citizen and has an MA and BA in history.

02Who designed these tours?

Our Team
These audio tours were designed by ProRome Tours. Each tour will walk you through the relevant background history and content before diving into the site itself. Each tour is dedicated to just one site, making them easy to follow, whether you are home or in Rome.

03Where did you get the information used in these tours?

We relied exclusively on scholarly authorities when putting these tours together. Krautheimer, Richard: Rome, Profile of a City; MacDonald, W.L.: The Architecture of the Roman Empire: An Introductory Study; Hibbert, Christopher: Rome, the Biography of a City; Claridge, Amanda: Rome: An Oxford Archeological Guide; Dudly, D.R.: Urbs Roma: A Sourcebook of Classical Texts on the City and its Monuments; and many more.

04How do I listen to the tours?

Our tours can only be streamed directly through the audio tours webpage. When you purchase our tours we will send you a secret link to this webpage, where you can immediately begin streaming the tour!

05How do I know how to navigate Rome?

You don’t need to!

Each tour is dedicated to just one site, so you don’t need to worry about navigation! However, to get to your tour site, we suggest on foot or by cab. For the latter, make sure you have cash and make sure that the meter starts when you get in. Placards in English with the meter starting price are listed in each cab.