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Company Profile

Founded in the heart of the Old World and based in the heart of the New, ProRome Tours is revolutionizing group travel so that anyone can travel with purpose.

ProRome Tours was founded in Rome in May of 2014 and incorporated later that year in Charlottesville, Virginia. ProRome is dedicated to the planning, marketing and operation of world-class group tours to Europe, Israel, the British Isles and Mexico. Since 2014 ProRome has successfully hosted more than 2500 clients on a variety of tours, pilgrimages, and private excursions abroad.

As a full-service tour operator, ProRome Tours not only provides booking services and tour arrangements, but also designs marketing materials, an online registration and payment portal, and so much more. Partner with us and let us build your trip of a lifetime.

Our Story

ProRome Tours was founded in Rome in 2014, when our founder Joe Long experienced a profound desire to share his passion for faith, history and travel on unique travel ventures across Italy. A citizen of the USA and Italy and a student of history, Joe set out in 2014 leading groups through the greatest sites of Il Bel Paese

In 2016, ProRome began its expansion outside of Italy: north, south, east and west. Partnerships with travel professionals throughout Europe and the Holy Land were developed, and before long ProRome’s groups were visiting the British Isles, western and central Europe, and the Holy Land. Since then ProRome has hosted several thousand clients on hundreds of different touring programs, from Rome to Jerusalem and from Edinburgh to Athens. Although the vast majority of these tours have featured Europe and the Holy Land, ProRome has also organized and operated a number of tours to Mexico.

ProRome’s goal is to create custom travel experiences filled with purpose, and pilgrimages, student groups and private organizations have been among ProRome’s new and recurring clientele. ProRome currently employs ten staff members, relying as well on dozens of local guides and agencies to successfully operate each tour. 

Meet Our Team

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Joe Long
Managing Director
Emma Trist
Office Manager
Bernardo Gonzalez
Director of Tour Management
Carol Long
Tour Coordinator
Mary Kate Vander Woude
Director of Tour Development
Emi Cueto
Tour Coordinator
Michele McCormack
Director of Client Relations
Alexander Zigarevich
Travel Agent
Brendan McGlone
Tour Manager

Licensed, Insured & Accredited

We have the credentials, training and expertise in order to deliver a professional and full-service travel experience, from planning and preparation to booking and operation.

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IATA Accredited

ProRome is fully accredited with IATA (The International Air Transport Association), the gold standard of all travel accreditations.

Fully Insured

ProRome is fully insured with a $2M professional liability policy as well as a $2M errors and commissions policy.

100% Licensed

ProRome is licensed at the local, state and national levels to sell international travel without limit.

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Mrs. Adele Cahill
Mr. Robert Shafer
Mr. Fred Ross